Tips on Writing Your Vows
Writing your vows may sound simple, but putting it on that piece of paper can get frustrating.

Written by Bab Serrano

Are you getting married soon but having trouble with your vows? Are you just going to get some standard template from the internet with fill in the blank vows just so you have something to say at the altar?

I’m telling you right now, don’t do it! Write your own vows! It may be overwhelming, terrifying even, but being able to use you own words to tell your partner exactly how much you love them, and all the dreams you have in that wonderful moment is well worth it. It will be a beautiful memory for the future to come. It also shows the guests your story, and the unconditional love you have for each other.

Tell them you love them.

Tell them you love them. It's pretty obvious, but you don't have to say the exact words “I love you”, maybe you and your partner have your own cute way of saying it.


Say what you love about your partner.

Describe the little things you love about them, or maybe let them know when exactly you fell in love with them. Let them know you will always be there whatever happens.


Share some personal stories.

This is one of those perfect moments to share some of your favorite memories with one another. It gives the guests a little inside peek at your small personal moments.


Make Promises.

Vows aren't just little speeches made during weddings, but they are serious commitments. Tell them you'll be by their side forever and maybe throw in a little bit of humor, like “I'll be there to take things off the shelves when you can't reach them”


Be yourself.

You don't have to make it sound super formal; this isn't a business proposal or a school report. This is a special moment between you and your partner. Open up, be vulnerable and let your emotions pour out.


At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how good or bad of a writer you are, it's about how you feel and the fact that you said it. The fact that you wrote it yourself will make it the perfect vow and more special.

Below is an example of how a well-written set of vows will look like in your wedding.

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