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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Supplier: An Expert’s Guide

Planning a wedding means making big decisions, and picking the right vendor is one of the biggest. It sets the tone for your big day. While there are tons of options out there, it’s all about finding what fits your vision. Think about what you truly want, do a bit of homework, and trust your gut. Making the right choices now will lead to a day you’ll always remember.


Crystalize Your Vision
Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the dream of your wedding day. What ambiance are you aiming to create? Whether it’s a ballroom’s timeless elegance, the garden’s rustic charm, or the beach’s serene backdrop, having a clear vision is paramount. This initial clarity will serve as the compass guiding your supplier selections.


Mindful Budgeting
Crafting a thoughtful budget is similar to laying the foundation of a house. Establishing what you’re prepared to invest in each supplier is essential, ensuring that quality is maintained while remaining financially sharp.


The Power of Recommendations
In the world of weddings, firsthand experiences are invaluable. Engage with friends, family, and delve into online reviews. These personal narratives offer a treasure trove of insights, helping you discern the gems from the masses. Inputs from other suppliers are also a big help: Who is the most reliable? Who has this specific expertise?


Engage in Meaningful Conversations
Once you’ve shortlisted potential suppliers, arrange face-to-face interactions. These meetings are more than mere formalities; they’re opportunities to establish rapport, gauge compatibility, and assess their passion and commitment to their craft.


A Glimpse into Their World
Every accomplished supplier possesses a portfolio, a testament to their expertise and style. Delve into these showcases to grasp the essence of their work, ensuring it aligns with your envisioned aesthetic. But beware, as sometimes this is merely their “best foot forward.” It would be best to check out complete weddings, not just the highlights.


Familiarity Breeds Seamlessness
If you’ve zeroed in on a specific venue, it’s prudent to collaborate with suppliers acquainted with its nuances. Their familiarity can translate into a seamless orchestration of events, ensuring every moment unfolds flawlessly.


Synchronizing Calendars
It might seem elementary, but confirming a supplier’s availability on your chosen date is crucial. If a particular supplier resonates with you, securing their services promptly is wise, ensuring no last-minute hiccups.


Contracts: The Blueprint of Commitment
While contracts might seem tedious, they’re the bedrock of mutual understanding. Check each clause, ensuring that every discussed element is articulated, safeguarding against unforeseen discrepancies.


Harmonizing Personalities
Beyond the tangible deliverables, the vibe between you and your supplier is pivotal. This intangible connection can elevate the planning process from a mere transaction to a collaborative dance.


Embarking on the quest for the ideal wedding supplier is a blend of introspection, research, and intuition. While the journey might seem daunting, remember that each step is a stride towards crafting a day that mirrors your unique love story. With meticulous planning, expert guidance, and heartfelt decisions, your wedding will be a celebration and testament to your commitment and taste. Happy planning!




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Five Ways To Maximize Your Bridal Fair Experience

Bridal fairs are exciting events that bring together vendors, experts, and inspiration for couples planning their wedding. These fairs offer a fantastic opportunity to gather ideas, meet potential wedding suppliers, and make informed decisions about various aspects of your special day. To help you make the most of your experience, here are five ways you can maximize your time and get the most value out of attending bridal fairs.

1. Plan Ahead and Set Goals

Before attending a bridal fair, take the time to plan and set goals. Research the suppliers and exhibitors that will be present, and identify the ones that align with your vision. Make a list of specific services or products you’re seeking, such as photographers, caterers, venues or wedding planners. By setting goals and knowing what you’re looking for, you’ll navigate the fair more efficiently and make meaningful connections.

2. Create a Wedding Email Address and Bring Contact Information

To stay organized, consider creating a dedicated wedding email address. This will allow you to easily manage communication with suppliers and prevent your personal inbox from getting overwhelmed. Additionally, bring pre-printed labels or business cards with your names, contact details, and wedding date. This will save you time when filling out forms or entering contests, enabling you to spend more time engaging with suppliers.

3. Utilize the online bridal fair

Combining an online bridal fair with a physical bridal fair offers a wide range of benefits that significantly enhance the overall bridal fair experience. The online platform provides unparalleled convenience, enabling couples to explore a wide range of wedding suppliers from the comfort of your homes. With a simple click, you can access detailed vendor profiles, view portfolios, and gather essential information, allowing for well-informed decisions before (or even after) attending the physical event. This preparation streamlines the process, empowering you to focus your time and energy on meeting the suppliers you have already vetted online, maximizing face-to-face interactions and efficiently planning your dream wedding.

4. Ask Questions and Take Notes

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Bridal fairs are an excellent chance to interact directly with suppliers and gather information. Come prepared with a list of questions you may have, such as availability, pricing, or customization options. Take notes during these conversations to help you remember key details later when evaluating your options. These notes will serve as a valuable resource when making decisions after the fair.

5. Take Advantage of Special Offers and Discounts

Bridal fairs often feature exclusive discounts, promotions, or packages from suppliers. Take the opportunity to negotiate prices or secure special offers during the fair. Be proactive in discussing pricing and services with suppliers, and don’t hesitate to inquire about any available discounts. However, it’s essential to balance cost considerations with the quality and fit of the supplier’s offerings.

Attending bridal fairs can be a fun and rewarding experience for planning your wedding. By planning ahead, setting goals, and staying organized, you can maximize your time at these events. Utilize the various tools at your disposal to gain inspiration and knowledge. Engage with suppliers, ask questions, and take notes to make informed decisions. Lastly, be on the lookout for special offers and discounts that can add value to your wedding budget. By following these five tips, you’ll optimize your experience at bridal fairs and move closer to creating the wedding of your dreams.

SMX Convention Center Clark

WDP13 Virtual Fashion Show

All photos by Pvblic Figvre (Public Figure)

The Wedding Destination: Pampanga Virtual Fashion Show was organized and directed by Voltaire Zalamea (Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea)  |  in cooperation with Hilton Clark Sun Valley (Hilton Clark)

Featuring the work of Rosette Ramos-Biag, Glen Canlas, Jojo Macapinlac, Rich Sabinian, Marlon Tuazon, and Mich Viray.

Hair and Makeup by Mariah Santos and Ralph Sapno. Videograph y by Angulo Wedding Films.


Visit to view the virtual fashion show.

WDP13 Virtual Fashion Show



Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea, in partnership with Hilton Clark Sun Valley proudly present Wedding Destination: Pampanga Year 13 Online Bridal Fair a Virtual Fashion Show. Featuring the creations of Rosette Ramos-Biag, Glen Canlas, Jojo Macapinlac, Rich Sabinian, Marlon Tuazon, and Mich Viray.

Concept and Over-all Direction:

Pvblic Figvre

Angulo Wedding Films

Hair and Makeup
Mariah Santos
Ralph Sapno


Play Video

ROSETTE RAMOS-BIAG of LA CASAL | Patricia Santos (model) | Mary Ann Felker (model) | Mhay Tolentino (Assistant)

GLEN CANLAS | Peter Mendijar (model) |  Jasmine Maierhofer (model) | Paul Sese (assistant)

JOJO MACAPINLAC | Keanna Stroh (model) | Tiffany Williams (model) | Catalina Tapdasan (assistant)

RICH SABINIAN | Francesca Taruc (model) | Gail Ventic (model) | Romnick Gutierrez (assistant)

MARLON TUAZON | Silvana Rauch (model) | Cole Silvernale (model) | Barbie Alcantara (assistant)

MICH VIRAY of CASA MODA | Cyrille Payumo(Model) | John Paul Smith (Model) | Jeanet Figueroa (assistant)


MARIAH SANTOS | Elron Young (make-up artist) | Mico Sula (make-up artist) | Justin Patrick Co Salvador (make-up artist) | Aries Garcia (hairstylist) | John Lloyd Perez (hairstylist) | June Balagtas (hairstylist) | Archie Ramelb (hairstylist)

RALPH SAPNO | Jheng De Guzman (hairstylist)

Paolo Feliciano | Noelson De Jesus | Jonathan Vincent Lim Cheng 

Regie Dimarucut | Ryan Dimarucut | Reggie David | Rhon Nicdao

Francis David | Mykee Peña

Nina Krezz Isais | Eldrenz Cabigting | Jz Villezca


Watch Out For The First Ever Virtual Fashion Show in Central Luzon
Play Video

Watch history unfold as the FIRST EVER VIRTUAL FASHION SHOW in Central Luzon will be STREAMING ONLINE starting on Sunday, September 12, 2021, 8:00 PM at the WEDDING DESTINATION: PAMPANGA YEAR 13 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR website

Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea is proud to present the first of its kind fashion show to be organized in the region featuring the fabulous creations of Pampanga’s Premier Fashion Designers:  Rosette Ramos-Biag of La Casal,  Glen Canlas,  Jojo Macapinlac,  Rich Sabinian, Marlon Tuazon, and Mich Viray of Casa Moda. 

The Virtual Fashion Show is one of the highlights of this year’s Online Bridal Fair.  This will be streamed in the website from September 12-21, 2021, giving more time for brides and grooms-to-be to watch the show anytime at their convenience. 

Aside from the featured fashion designers, this Virtual Fashion is a collaborative effort of some of Pampanga’s most respected wedding suppliers: 

Videography by Angulo Wedding Films ; Photography by Public Figure ; hair and make-up teams headed by Mariah Santos and Ralph Sapno.

The shoot took place at the Hilton Clark Sun Valley   the newest international hotel brand and popular wedding reception venue in Clark, Pampanga. 

Wedding Destination: Pampanga Year 13 Online Bridal Fair Virtual Fashion Show is conceptualized and directed by Voltaire Zalamea

Special Event :: The Grandest Bridal Fair in Central Luzon is ONLINE!

 WEDDING DESTINATION: PAMPANGA Year 13 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR is all set to kick-off on SEPTEMBER 1, 2021. Just visit:

Organized by Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea, Wedding Destionation: Pampanga Year 13 Online Bridal Fair gathers the most respected and most sought-after wedding suppliers and event partners in one venue to showcase their products and services and offer the best deals for soon-to-be brides and grooms.  It was so successful that even fellow event suppliers would claim “it is the only bridal fair in Pampanga worth going to.”

On it’s 12th year in 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea decided to have an ONLINE version of this highly anticipated event since mass gatherings are not yet allowed.    This is a perfect opportunity for soon-to-be brides and grooms to continue planning their weddings and choose suppliers at their convenience.  

For 2021, on it’s 13th year,  the ONLINE EDITION will run for 30 days , from September 1-30, 2021, giving more time for prospective clients to create their wedding dream team.  For Weddings Suppliers and Event Partners, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase their  products and services to a specific target market, 24 hours a day for the whole month of September. 

This year’s edition shall also include additional features like LIVE Streaming talks and a Virtual Fashion Show featuring the creations of Pampanga’s top fashion designers. 

Wedding Destination: Pampanga ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR aims to boost the wedding and events industry in the region as it one the most affected industries in this pandemic. 

The organizers believe that no matter how difficult the challenges we are facing, one thing is for sure, LOVE will never be cancelled and weddings will definitely happen.

Below are the featured suppliers for this year’s Wedding Destination: Pampanga ONLINE Bridal Fair:

Photographers and Videographers:

  • Angulo Wedding Films
  • Chug Cadiogan Cinema
  • Creator Studio 
  • Gibsam Photo 
  • Public Figure by Paolo Feliciano 
  • Shianne Photography 

Fashion Designers: 

  • Frederick Policarpio
  • Glen Canlas
  • Jojo Macapinlac
  • Marlon Tuazon 
  • Mich Viray of Casa Moda 
  • Rich Sabinian 
  • Rosette Ramos-Biag of La Casal 

Fashion and Pictorial Stylists: 

  • Arvin Dizon
  • Geof Lagria 
  • Jemi Nicdao 

Hair and Make-up Artists: 

  • Georgina Gabrillo 
  • Glamorais by Ais Alansalon 
  • Mariah Santos 
  • Metamorphosis by Malonne Pangan 
  • Ralph Sapno 
  • Shayne’s Portfolio


  • ADM Asuncion De Grande
  • Kusina ni Aling Bevang 
  • LInelle’s Catering 

Banquet Halls and Hotels: 

  • Ardesia
  • Best Western Metro Clark Hotel 
  • Clark Marriott Hotel 
  • Grand Palazzo Royale 
  • Hilton Clark Sun Valley 
  • The Lakeshore 
  • Quest Plus Hotel and Conference Center Clark

Cake Artists:

  • Caking Giant
  • Guilty Pleasures by Finn

Venue Stylists and Florists: 

  • Badang Rueda of Victorian Blooms
  • Blooms Events Styling by Allen and JP
  • Event Buddy
  • Plumeria by Pancho Pantig 
  • Sassy by Cha 

Lights, Sounds and Multimedia Suppliers: 

  • Cuatros Lights and Sounds
  • Sensitivity Lights and Sounds 


  • The Quintah Band 

Mobile Bar: 

  • Liquid Bar Hire Mobile Bar 
  • NYC Nomad Bar 

Invitations and Favors: 

  • Favour Lane 
  • Florescents 
  • Max and Olivia 
  • The Oops Shop 

Wedding Planner: 

  • Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea 

Wedding Destination: Pampanga Year 13 Online Bridal Fair is supported by Wedding Essentials Magazine, Punto Central Luzon, Pampanga Weddings, Public Figure, Clark Marriott Hotel and Hilton Clark Sun Valley. 

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