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One of our goals in Pampanga Weddings is to showcase the immense, world-class talent of Pampanga Wedding Suppliers. We understand that each wedding is beautiful and unique and we want to be as diverse as possible in showcasing weddings.

Below are a few guidelines when submitting your content:
• Please select around 60 to 70 single photographs from your wedding (minimum of 700 pixels at 72dpi)
• It’s best to re-name your photos with the couple’s names and date of the wedding
• Include in your selections the following: portraits, gown, suit, entourage, flowers, rings, event styling, and other unique details that you might want to showcase.
• Make sure to write down all the suppliers involved (including links to their website or social media pages) in your wedding so we can properly credit them.
• You may also want to submit other types of shoots such as engagement shoots, post-wedding shoots, or wedding editorial shoots.

If you submitted the photos, we will assume that you have ownership of the material or have the permission of the owner to use them. If you’re a wedding supplier, we highly recommend that you ask permission to the couple before submitting the photos.

Once we select your photos, you will receive an email from us for more information.

We are looking forward to seeing your beautiful wedding at our site!

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