Seven Ways For A Safer Wedding
Holding your wedding during this pandemic could be daunting but here are some ways you can do it safer.

Written by Deinz Serrano

It’s a scary world out there -  even more now that there’s a new variant of the virus going around.

But that doesn’t mean we need to hold off everything until things go back to normal especially when there are ways to still do things safely. Holding your wedding during this pandemic could be daunting but here are some ways you can do it safer.

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Most couples want to have extravagant weddings with guestlist that include everyone they know but with the new normal, small, intimate weddings is the way to go. Spend it with the people closest to your hearts and have amazing memories them. Surely, people who won’t get an invite will understand. It will be less formal, more relaxed and even more fun when you’re only surrounded by people you can let your hair down with.

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One of the best ways to have those people who can’t attend your wedding to still be part of your wedding is to set up an online stream. This way, your friends and relatives from anywhere in the world will be able to watch you real-time.

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ALWAYS be safe. Make sure that protocols such as regular disinfection, temperature checks, social distancing, and wearing of masks are still applied. Ask your guests not to come if they feel just a bit under the weather for everyone’s safety. It’s also good to have a video that plays every once in a while, to remind guests about these rules.

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Speaking of masks – you can have personalized safety kits containing masks, alcohols, and face shields as your wedding giveaways. Not only does this ensure that no one has an excuse not to be wearing one since you can give it to them before the ceremony starts but it’s also something they can use even after the wedding.

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Instead of a buffet where everyone touches the serving utensils, have servers bring the food to your tables. Your guests will no longer need to stand awkwardly in line waiting for their turn and it will also limit the possible spread of germs.

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No need to force your guests to play those games and watch them awkwardly interact with each other.  You can instead allocate this time for people to give loving messages to the bride and groom making more precious moments and memories during your wedding.

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Just to add a little peace of mind, just hire someone to do a quick antigen test on everyone. Yes everyone including the guests, wedding entourage and suppliers. Pretty much everyone who will be there at your wedding. 

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