In Focus: The Oops! Shop and FloreScents
This week, we turn our attention to power couple Jerico and Karen Flores, the people behind the wedding invitation company The Oops! Shop (Oops Keeps and Prints) and wedding souvenirs company FloreScents.

This week, we turn our attention to power couple Jerico and Karen Flores, the people behind the wedding invitation company The Oops! Shop (Oops Keeps and Prints) and wedding souvenirs company FloreScents. Let’s all find out how they started, how they normally do their work and how they navigate through the new normal.

Q:  How did you start The Oops Shop?

We were planning our wedding back in 2005 and cannot find a supplier to customize an invitation for us. Local suppliers would have templates and catalogue and I found the designs limited and does not reflect our personality as a couple.

I then decided to make our own invitation, sourcing boards from bookstores and printing from our home printer. 

Our event coordinator and now a very dear friend, Voltaire Zalamea, saw our invitation and asked who did it. He offered my services to his clients looking for an alternative design without having to go to Manila anymore.

What turned out to be a hobby, doing invitations for friends and personal referrals, became a full time business in 2007.

Q:  What were your initial challenges when starting?

Back then, we were limited in regards with source of materials and specialized printers who can do the job for us.

This was the era where traditional offset printing is transitioning to digital printing. Because of this, we had to learn how to print on both operations. 

Supplier sourcing is not as easy as asking google then. We had to scout addresses, literally mapping paper plants and importers to introduce ourselves. Since then we’ve had strong association and credibility with paper companies.   

Q:  What was your most memorable project?

We had a rush order from a BPO company for their annual party. We were given a very limited time for production and we were just starting back then so it was just me and my husband. 

We did not sleep for 48 hours to finish all the orders and deliver in time. I was so drained that I broke down to tears thinking we cannot make it to the deadline. But we did!

Since then, this bacame our company’s motto – we make the impossible POSSIBLE.

Q:  What influences your aesthetic?

I am highly influenced by period styles and constantly adapting to current design trends.

Q:  With technology improving every year, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see the company being driven by creative young designers and skilled production staff utilizing the latest digital platforms and printing operations. 

With the pandemic happening, our company has pivoted from doing almost 100% printed invitations to doing more digital or electronic invitations.

The printing industry has been more creative in adapting to changes and is being resilient from extinction. While the demand for printed invitations has lessen, a niche has been created for digital invitations.

Q:  How did you start FloreScents?

My husband and business partner is very passionate about fragrances. And I had an idea to make a perfume souvenir. But insead of giving it in bottles, I wanted guests to participate and blend their own scent. 

Because the main objetive is to create an experience and personalize the scent, we had to study and make our signature fragrances to come up with notes that will best blend together.

Q:  Tell us more about your product/service? How does it work?

Florescents Perfume Bar takes pride of being the pioneer in full-serviced mobile perfume bar in Pampanga.

We made our mark in the events industry by introducing elegantly designed Perfume Bar Stations. Crystal jars are filled with perfumes and guests fill their own bottle and blend scents.

Q:  How did you adjust for the pandemic?

The recent pandemic have made us pivot and improve what we have to offer.

Providing more options to relevant to the present times.

We’ve recently added new services like Sanitizer Bar, Essentials Care Kits, Essential Oil Infused Alcohols and Curated Boxes. These allows clients to avail of our service in the safety of their homes.

Q:  What do you look forward to?

This is the longest time that people were not able to go out, celebrate and even see their families and friends. That is why whenever quarantine is lifted and loosen up, people really dive in the chance to celebrate special occassions and be with each other. 

What more when we finally get immunity from the virus and this pandemic to end? 

I look forward to unrestricted celebrations, safe events and big reunion of families and friends. Soon, we will celebrate physical interactions and not just virtual ones. We have grown so much as an industry and individually on our fields. Surely, will come back better.

Q:  What tips can you give to people who aspire to do what you are doing?

Love what you do, everything follows. 

A lot of people aspire to be in the events industry is because on the surface, it is glamorous. It is so much fun, its almost as if you are celebrating and going to parties everyday.

But it also means long set-up hours, meeting deadlines, sacrificing family occassions to be at the booking.

It is a lot of work and entails a lot of sacrifice. It takes love to be passionate on what you do.

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