5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding In Pampanga
We can actually think of a million reasons but let’s list down five for now.

Written by Deinz Serrano

Proximity to Metro Manila

Merely an hour away from the metro, Pampanga is a great destination wedding without hassling your guests with long drives or flights. You can get to Clark from Mindanao exit faster than getting to BGC even during rush hour. This will give your guests no stress from the heavy traffic of Manila.

Delicious Food

The great Anthony Bourdain will agree when we say that Pampanga indeed is the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Having been trained by the Spaniards during the Colonial Period, Kapampangans acquired great cooking skills and exquisite tastebuds which they have passed on from generation to generation. No more worrying if your guests will love the food during your reception considering even humble carinderias in Pampanga offer great food.

Anywhere is around 15 minutes away

Because there is not much traffic, it is easy to get from point A to point B inside Pampanga. Roads are simple and places are accessible making those last-minute errands or emergency wedding concerns easily solved.

5-Star Hotels

Marriot Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Midori Clark Hotel – these are just a few of the 5 star hotels that have opened in Pampanga. With amazing amenities and luxurious services, these sophisticated accommodations can provide you and your guests wonderful wedding experiences you will always cherish.

High Quality Wedding Suppliers

Have you seen Pampanga during Christmas Season, those roads perfectly lined with lights and parols? You cannot deny how beautiful Pampanga is during that season. This reflects not only how creative Kapampangans are but also how very detail oriented we are when it comes to our decor. We want every creation to be a masterpiece that we can be proud of and it applies to our local suppliers – your wedding will be their art. Wedding gowns delicately handmade, cakes splendidly baked, and venues brilliantly transformed into your dream wedding.

These are just 5 of the millions of reasons why you should have your wedding in Pampanga. Whether you want an open area or a sophisticated hotel, we’ve got it and more.


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